Baby's First Birthday Party Ideas

Congratulations! Your baby is turning one. This is the most momentous birthday ever. It's time to celebrate with a wonderful birthday party and make it memorable for you and your baby.

Your baby's first birthday party is a wonderfully happy event to celebrate. Here are some quick tips and ideas to make it easy on you and great for everyone else. The key to remember is everything, from food to decorations should be kept as simple as possible.

Party Planning

Begin planning your 1st birthday bash four to six weeks in advance. This will allow you time to gather all the supplies that you need, including first birthday cake, decorations, gifts, and menu items.

Guest list

A guest list of 10 may be overwhelming to your guest of honour. Don't forget to limit the number of guests, we recommend you to invite only close friends and family.Send invitations two to four weeks prior to the party. Any sooner and your guests may forget, any later and they may already have plans.

Party venue
Most parents prefer to have their baby's first birthday party at home, rather than at a restaurant or party place. At home, your baby will feel more comfortable in his or her normal surroundings.

Party food
Keep the menu simple. Serve everything buffet style. Order the food from a restaurant or caterer. You can decorate tables with framed pictures of your baby that you've taken during that wonderful first year.Your job is to take footage and marvel at how your baby's becoming a toddler, not to be running around the kitchen cooking or washing dishes. This is the one event that is more for you than for your child, and you dont want to miss it.

Have a great party moms and dads!


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