Free videos of talking books, animated stories,nursery rhymes with lyrics, etc.

One stop channel for kids and their parents who want to enjoy a wide range of animated and live action videos. Check out their collection of nursery rhymes with lyrics, animated stories, talking books, how human body works, origami and much more.

My name is Sari and I am an Indonesian, happily married to a Scottish guy. I was an English instructor back home, but now I am a work at home mom and living a simple but happy life in Spain with my husband Scott and our two boys Nico and Kian. I love blogging, reading, surfing the internet, dancing, cooking, studying languages and cultures. In here on my personal blog you will read everything about my life with my lovely family, activities, interests, thoughts, experiences and stuff that you might be interested in. Come and check out my website at 3 bedroom wooden villa overlooking Lake Beratan and Bedugul valley Bali Indonesia Cottage Rental Granada Spain, 10 minutes from Alhambra, 25 minutes from Sierra Nevada ski resort Penthouse Granada Connect with me on Facebook

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